september 2018

Featured Miler - sean reilly

Member: Sean Reilly

Nickname: Bird - for Larry Bird - my basketball shooting skills on the court

Number of years as a Miler: 10+            

Who introduced you to the Milers: Nora Zurzolo

Running Pet Peeve: Running too fast for the 1st easy mile

Most embarrassing running moment: Being passed by PA in River to Sea race after having a ¼ mile lead at the beginning of the exchange

Favorite race distance: 13.1

Ideal running temperature: 60

What do you do for a living: Teacher

Food weakness: Pizza     

Favorite movie / TV series: NCIS               

Dream vacation spot: Scotland

Celebrity crush: Heather Locklear

People say you look like: Tom Cruise        

Favorite artist or group: Kenny Chesney

Dream person to meet: Will Farrell

Secret hidden talent: I can make a good Martini         

Favorite restaurant: Chophouse         

Favorite sport / team: Minnesota Vikings                  

Future running goal: Sub 1:48 in a half marathon