september 2017

Featured Miler - jim mogan

Member: Jim Mogan

Nickname: Mogan, Mogs

Number of years as a Miler: Almost 5 years    

Who introduced you to the Milers:  Heard about the group from Ron Willoughby and Greg Gatesman; Jack Mack and I joined together and were reluctantly (at least on my part) signed up by the second month to do a marathon

Running Pet Peeve: Losing any race to Carol - now that she is getting married (congrats again), I think she’s going to lose her mojo and the tide will turn my way again     

Favorite race distance: My new favorite is Sea Isle 10 miler and Jack’s after party

What do you do for a living: Real estate attorney

Food weakness: Chocolate chip cookies

Favorite movie / TV series: Toss up between Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad

Dream vacation spot: Biking, drinking and eating my way through Italy or France

Celebrity crush: Mother of Dragons: She is badass

Favorite artist or group: U2, The Police and RHCP – tough to choose just one

Dream person to meet: Roger Federer – the GOAT is still winning Grand Slams well after his prime.  I want to know the secret

Secret hidden talent: Play guitar - more of a hobby than any actual talent

Favorite restaurant: LaFemina   

Favorite sport / team: Eagles

Future running goal: Qualify for Boston before my AARP card shows up in the mail