september 2016

Featured Miler - phil panus

Member: Phil Panus

Nickname: Phil    

Number of years as a Miler: 4 months                     

Who introduced you to the Milers: My wife discovered the group on-line

Reason you started running: I had a heart attack in the fall of 2013.  I ended up having several stents placed in my coronary arteries.  I started running again (after a nearly 25 year hiatus) to get my life back in shape

Running Pet Peeve: Pokemon Go players in the park that won’t move out of the way.  LOL!                       

Most embarrassing running moment: I didn’t realize timing chips were part of the bibs

Number of Marathons run in 1 year: Two

Food weakness: Potato chips      

Favorite movie / TV series: Star Wars            

Dream vacation spot: Taking a train across the country  

Celebrity crush: Shalane Flanagan  

Favorite Sport / Sports Team: Phillies

Favorite artist or group: Bruce Springsteen

Dream person to meet: Meb Keflezighi         

Favorite restaurant: Sage Diner                       

Secret hidden talent: Growing tomatoes      

Future running goal: Boston Marathon in the spring