october 2018

Featured Miler - barb eiferman

Member: Barb Eiferman   

Nickname: Carol

Number of years as a Miler: 6 yrs   

Who introduced you to the Milers: Colleen R - I ran into her with a group of Milers at Run the Bridge

Running Pet Peeve: Wet socks and cold hands

Most embarrassing running moment: I totally wiped out on a sidewalk while running in Chicago.  I still remember the horrified faces of the people driving by as I finished the final 2 miles home with blood running down my shoulder and leg

Favorite race distance: Half marathon

Ideal running temperature: 60 degrees

What do you do for a living: Optometrist

Food weakness: Any homemade baked good

Favorite movie / TV series: Bridget Jones’s Diary/ This is Us   

Dream vacation spot: We went to Costa Rica this summer, and I find myself wishing I was back there almost daily

Celebrity crush: Ryan Gosling and Jack Johnson

People say you look like: Nobody famous...always somebody’s neighbor, cousin….

Favorite artist or group: Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews Band, REM

Dream person to meet: See above

Secret hidden talent: I can fix almost anything with duct tape (MacGyver style)

Favorite restaurant: Ciel in Quebec

Favorite sport / team: U10 Medford United soccer, Medford Village Gators...whatever team my kids happen to be on that year :)   

Future running goal: I am registered for Boston Marathon 2019