october 2017

Featured Miler - erin janssen

Member: Erin Janssen

Nickname: Most of my family calls me Erni because when I was little I spelled my name that way.

Number of years as a Miler: It was 1 year this September. I’m so glad I joined and enjoying every second of it.

Who introduced you to the Milers: Derek Diperna, I met him at the last Medford Lakes Triathlon while waiting for our relay team running the 5k. We talked and he said I should run with this group called the Medford Milers. When I asked what time, I laughed because I told him I am not a morning person. I guess I proved that wrong, but I’m still not a morning person when I am complaining!

Running Pet Peeve: There are probably more then I am writing, but people who honk when they can’t see you, the smell of dead animals, and people who speed. I could say I hate faster runners then me, but that would be my competitive side talking!    

Most embarrassing running moment:    When I ran the Independence race and went the wrong way for the turn of the 10k. I was doing so well and when I went through the finish I heard that wasn’t the end…I had no idea what I did till my friends told me.

Favorite race distance:  I have to say a half marathon. Even though I have a love / hate relationship with running, it seems to be the best pacing distance for me.

Ideal running temperature: 65

Favorite post run beer: A good refreshing lager or any refreshing beer.

What do you do for a living: I’m currently an inside sales rep for Sunmed Medical selling compression Garments.

Food weakness: I don’t really have a weakness with any food because I love all food. Although I’m not a big fan of really fishy things like sardines.

Favorite movie / TV series: I have a few but “This is Us” and “The Elf “only because It is one of my favorite holiday movies and I can’t ever get sick of it.

Dream vacation spot: Around the world, but really Bali, I love the tropics.

Celebrity crush: I have few but Bradley Cooper for sure!

People say you look like: Cameron Diaz, I don’t see it.

Favorite artist or group: Zac Brown Band, I got to say I am loving country, but when I want to show my dance moves a little reggae dance.

Dream person to meet: I can say I honestly don’t have one.

Secret hidden talent: I really don’t know if I have one, but my husband says I come up with facts that are true that he or others wouldn’t really think or know. For instance, I told him the Eagles used to be called the Steegles because back in WWII they didn’t have enough players to play so they combined the teams. No one believed me and he was shocked I knew that!    

Favorite restaurant: Femmina

Favorite sport / team: Eagles & Phillies

Most prize money ever won in a race: $350. I spent it well!   

Future running goal: I have to say to just keep getting faster and breaking goals. More importantly stop thinking negative and start to have a positive mindset while running. I tend to over think and start breaking down.