november 2018

Featured Miler - brian boecklen

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Member: Brian Boecklen

Nickname: None since college...that I am aware of

Number of years as a Miler: About 2

Who introduced you to the Milers: The Sallade’s

Running Pet Peeve: Loud foot strikers

Most embarrassing running moment: Getting passed by a lower leg amputee during the run at Ironman Florida then again at Ironman Lake Placid - no kidding

Favorite race distance: Half marathon

Ideal running temperature: 65

What do you do for a living: Sales for a packaging company

Food weakness: Ice cream- if there was an endurance ice cream eating event I would be considered elite

Favorite movie / TV series: Tombstone/ Seinfeld

Dream vacation spot: RV Trip hitting a ton of National Parks

Celebrity crush: Cindy Crawford - I met her when I was 18

People say you look like: Kenny Chesney

Favorite artist or group: Dave Matthews Band

Dream person to meet: Carson Wentz

Secret hidden talent: I can remember/ recognize people from when I was super young, even if I barely knew them- it’s a little creepy

Favorite restaurant: Del Frisco’s

Favorite sport / team: Eagles