november 2016

Featured Miler - joe zurzolo

Member: Joe Zurzolo       

Nickname: Joe Z

Number of years as a Miler: Thirteen....Since 2004                       

Who introduced you to the Milers: Dave Duncan

Reason you started running: Guy Scott and I decided to run a marathon

Running Pet Peeve: Joe B used to run right on my shoulder, drove me nuts. Now he runs way in front of me. Dick!

Favorite Race: Sunday’s Medford Bagel Shop 8 Miler (same as Jack Wright’s)             

Most embarrassing running moment: Yet to come…when Ruth chicks me!

Favorite Joke: “This Lesbian walks into a bar…”

Food weakness: Mint Chocolate Chip Ice-cream

Favorite movie / TV series: Shark Tank and The Profit                

Dream vacation spot: Avalon

Number of scales you own: One.  I think it’s currently broken though

Celebrity crush: Howard Stern

Favorite artist or group: Eddie and the Cruisers

Favorite Sport / Team: C’mon, really?  E _ _ _ _ S…what’s that spell?!

Dream person to meet: Warren Buffet

Favorite restaurant: Most BYOB’s in Collingswood                      

Secret hidden talent: Wizard between the sheets. (As long as it’s before 9pm.)

People Say You Look Like: Every older woman I’ve ever met says I look like Richard Gere. I guess all us big nose, grey hair, white guys look alike?

Recommended Hair Products: Nora’s expensive leave-in conditioner (when she’s not looking)      

Future running goal: Complete the marathon portion of the Iron Man in under 4 hours.