Milers win the American Odyssey 10 Relay!

It all starts with a solid plan and Doyle had the perfect one. Then you execute the plan and 12 runners & 4 drivers did just that! Sounds simple right! Not!

200 miles – 36 legs - 12 runners per team - each runner has 3 legs – 4 drivers - 2 vans – 2 days – 1 goal! Win!

By no means were we the fastest runners in the race. Many were faster. It would take more than speed to win. It would take strategy, courage, intelligence, the ability to function sleep deprived, to think clearly, keep a cool head, talk it out, dig deep…really deep & believe in yourself. It would take a team effort.

We started at 11:30 AM, exactly 4 1/2 hours later the first team that went off at 7 AM. There were 86 teams total. In order to win we would have to pass 1,032 runners.

Some would say we had a lofty goal with our estimated pace & finish times (the slowest teams start earlier & the fastest teams start later & try to catch them before the finish)

Winning feels great! Especially after an event of this magnitude. The victory was sweet & as we raised a cold beverage at the finish line & lamented about the last 24+ hours we all recognized the true meaning of a team effort. We could not have done it without the amazing effort & support of each other.

The Milers are truly a team where we all work together as one towards common goals!