The Milers survive the 2018 Boston Marathon!

For those that followed the race & read the news you know that it was a brutal day! We are so incredibly proud of Chris, Antonia & Phil as well as John Murray’s son Peter & Tom Nagy. Brutal might even be an understatement as many fell into hypothermia or early onset which Chris, Phil & Antonia certainly can attest to.

Their STRONG paces & finish times do not reflect those conditions.

Approximately 10% of the participants required medical attention during or after the race. 81 were transferred to hospitals. Many seasoned Elites dropped out. Our Milers finished with cold shivering bodies & an incredible will to cross the finish line. What doesn’t crush you makes you stronger. We can learn from them. Talk to them during the runs & ask what they were feeling & how they persevered. Maybe there will be a take away that will help you in your next tough race.

They are champions in our minds!