Milers post their 2018 running & fitness goals & resolutions!

Some will make you laugh out loud, others are truly inspirational! Some kept things tight to the vest & others put it all out there for full disclosure!

Looking for some ideas & ways to on! Let's do this!


Jack Mac - Make my way back to the “front group” post meniscus surgery. Planks every day!

Debbie Alessandrini - I have two: First, PR the Hot Chocolate 15k in April amd enjoy a beer at the Whole Foods after...with no “issues”! And, second, reach my older running pace of sub-24 5k pace

Ronnie Fagan - Get to a low 18:00 5k. To keep running consistently all year. Run a marathon, and actually train for it.

Fran Gaysek - To continue running the Tuesday and Wednesday workouts throughout winter months. Break 22 minutes in ML Turkey Trot and be able to do 10 push-ups every mile on Wednesday morning workout!

Erin Chiarulli - My new year's resolution is to be more positive and confident. Run under 18 for 5k and 1.25 for half..possibly qualify for Boston we will see

Scott Ferrell - 4:45 in the AC 70.3 or Bust!  

Melissa Olkowski - to increase my mileage each month in 2018 and run my first half marathon

Patti Ann - I have the same race line up in 2018 as I’ve had for the past three years. Birchwood tri, NJ state Olympic, IRONMAN70.3 AC, some local running races...Scott coffee, Medford Milers 5k, Bridge Run. I like the challenge of growing a year older, better, and stronger while competing against myself each year at the same race

Caitlin Vickery - My NYR is to complete a 5K race

Frances Kyrtatas - My New Year Resolution is to continue with strength training as I get back to running. I want to be able to run, and stay injury-free, so I want to keep strengthening my core and those neglected muscles. I would like to run a half in the spring, but only if I truly feel ready.

Ruth Hunter - 1.Get into forearm balance! 2.Injury-free 2018 3. Complete Caesar Rodney 4. Complete a Half Ironman

Ginger Keeble - My NYR is to run my first full marathon

Marianna Fox - My NYR resolutions are: Complete my first sprint triathlon, Run a 2 hour 1/2 marathon

Joanna D- My resolution is to begin speed workouts and maintain a regular running schedule to reach a 30 minute 5k. Continue cross training to do another triathlon!!

Chris Norman - Running Goals for 2018

1.      Not do any 5:30 AM runs to get my all important 8-hours beauty sleep.

2.      Sub 1:27 half marathon would be nice, but chosen March Caesar Rodney Half Marathon,               not nice.

3.      Sub 3 hour 10 minute Boston Marathon, 25 years after last time there.

4.      Challenge that 18:25 5K "born again" PR.

5.      Get that recurring hip bursitis under control (weight training and stretches).

6.      Watching 15 year old Tyler Norman smoke Ronnie Fagan on a 400 at Shawnee HS track.

7.      Getting our Senior Masters Team to take no prisoners and win the September Lehigh          Valley Marathon Relay outright.

8.      Getting Antonia to wear the Elf Costume.

Bridget Ross - My New Years Running Resolution, do more speed work each week

Meg Soltysik - Break 20 in a 5k for real with negative splits, survive Caesar Rodney ½ marathon, do a track race and kick Jack Wright’s ass in something. Maybe a drinking game?

Andy Laz ( I only wear cotton)-  stay healthy & enjoy running with some friends again, the Milers! No running in December and No running in January…..keep letting Antonia beat me in 5k’s

Maya Hunnewell - Eat better, sleep more, stretch consistently, work on my speed

Jack Wright -

1) Stay one step in front of Joe B, Joe Z, Jeff and Meg

2) Stay no less than one step behind, Kevin, David, Ronnie

3) Put a little fear in Chris, Erin and Derek at Scott Coffee

4) Do not get smacked on the behind by anyone in 2018  (Antonia, Barb....)

5) Learn not to draft (or get caught) in triathlons

6) Learn how to dress more festive like Norman

7) Drink different beers other than Ironman Gatorade!

8) Complete my first sprint tri

9) Find a "short" 5k to break 20:04

10) Run in a relay!

Colleen Ronkowski - Here’s my resolution for 2018: Stage a running comeback—run at least 3x a week the entire year, run 2018 miles in 2018

Joe Bilello - My new year’s resolution is to integrate core work and stretching into my workout regimen.  We’ll see if I can stick with it this year!

Mike Murphy - I am registered for my first half Ironman in June (hoping for under 6 hours) and to complete my first marathon in Philly in November

Don Matlack - my New Years Running Resolutions:

Run more miles than I drink beers

Run another marathon (and hopefully PR)

Beat Bill Neidrach in a race (any race)

Kristin Morrison - do more runs, try to run 15 miles a week, and run a half marathon in September

Olivia Sheasley - My New Year's Resolution is to run a few more halves and *maybe* the Philadelphia Marathon !

Brian Boecklen - My 2018 goal is to break 12hrs in the Lake Placid Ironman in July.....

Paula Sallade -My running goals for 2018 are:  run a full marathon in the spring and improve over my Chicago time.  I would like to run a 3:45, which is a big improvement, so I will need to be very dedicated to training and really push myself to pick up the pace in training runs.  My ultimate goal is to qualify for Boston. I would like to run a fall marathon too.  I need to keep healthy and injury free to do that so I will be in 3DPT AL0T!! I would like to average 7:45 in the half marathon (still figuring out which one, maybe Love run in March or one in Sept).  Would like to PR a 5K (fastest is 22:03) complete a sprint triathalon, Birchwood or Deerbrook

Jeff Sallade -

1. Atlantic City half Ironman in September break 5:35

2. Commit to swimming, strength and flexibility training so I don’t need to get 2 new hips in 2018

Phil Panus - To lose the watch and pursue the life of a Zen runner.

John Rosania -

1) Run Caesar Rodney 1/2 Marathon, 3/18/18

2) Put together a plan and lose 10 lbs.

3) Chase down my very "old" 5K PR of 22:29 (which due to statute of limitations may no longer valid...?)

4) Consistently do my 3DPT strengthening exercises 2 days per week & incorporate core workout

John Murray -Run Caesar Rodney Half Marathon finish with a time under 1:45:00.

Scott Coffee 8K break 36:00

Medford Milers 5k break 22:00

Frank Costello - Running resolution would be to do the Marine Corps Marathon with my six children. I’ve qualified and they have all pledged to do it with me...that’s the easy part

Greg Gatesman -

1. Complete 1/2 iron man

2. Run a fall marathon (under 3:30)

3. Lose 10 pounds (weight under 187)

4.  Run 5k under 19 min.

David Gutwirth - Nothing comes to mind though I suppose I can’t keep the 18:00 minute 5k dream alive one more year. Maybe I’ll  just resolve to race less and just train for the hell of it.

Frank Maneri -Be disciplined and consistent. Stretch twice a day.  Workout 6 Days a week.

Lift and do core exercises. Eat a healthy breakfast. Finish a marathon or full Ironman?? In the words of Shalane Flanagan, F@!K yes! Put the hard work in, the times will follow.

Derek DiPerna -1. Get a non blue running jacket 2. Run in 5 new states 3. Run in 3 new countries

Tracy LaRosa -  1. Become more lean 2. Beat my PR 3. Run Marine Corps Marathon again

Jim Mogan - Sign up for a half and full marathon. My goal is to beat Carol’s PR’s for both races. I’m sure her PR’s are faster than mine. Just hoping not too much faster.

Karen Kaighn - Run stronger and healthier in 2018 by working on core and hip strength consistently 2-3 times per week

Kristen Zimmerman - PR my half marathon (currently 2:30:55) Pie in the sky: a sub 2hr half run a minimum 50 miles a month and sub 30 min 5k

Nora Zurzolo - 1.  Maintain my "summer" weight to within 2 lbs. (all year)

2. Stretch and cross-train core regularly/daily

3. Races:  Love Run, Birchwood Tri, Medford Lakes Tri, Oktoberfest 5k, Bridge Run

4. Connect with a fundraising charity bike ride; ie City to Shore or MS Bike Ride. (Hopefully with some of my girlies!)

5. Encourage our group leader to add the Cherry Hill hills workout to our regular running routine (every month/every other month).

Chuck Bendixen - Pull back on Tri and do shorter distances to focus on running. IRONMAN half in AC for fun. Continue in my second year goal of training to qualify for Boston. Run my first marathon in AC in October and then Philadelphia marathon to find my Gap for Boston. At least 12 events to have fun.

Barb Eiferman - run 2018 miles in 2018,run for fun, try to avoid injury this year

Joe Z -

  1. Crack 350 participants in the Birchwood Tri (with lots of help from the Milers, of course.)

  2. Introduce 5 brand new runners to the Milers membership

  3. Assist Jack Wright to launch his long awaited “Lakes Swim Challenge”, stay tuned for details!

  4. Finally, stay healthy in my training, and continue to enjoy everybody’s company!

Carol Filip - Improve my swimming, Run my first Triathlon

Kevin Doyle - Lose 9 pounds

Stay relatively injury free ( no down time )

Participate in at least 2 team running relays ( 1 focus = competitive, 1 focus = fun )

Set new "age 50+" PR's

Make a guest appearance at a 5:30am run (it will need to be summer, warm and at least a hint of daylight)

Try to swim from Zurzolo's to Maneri's new house without drowning

Encourage a few new runners to join our group

Jennifer Buckingham

1. Stop procrastinating !!! ( evidenced by my emailing u today... I tend to do this).

2. Make at least the Tuesday run consistently ( preferable Thursday am too)

3. Do one 1/2 in spring and one 1/2 in fall

(just signed up 2 minutes ago for Caesar)

John McBride - Go to Aruba more, get more tattoos,  run occasionally, and focus on my career as a professional marathon spectator

Antonia McBride - Train safe and smart, increase my core miles to 20, plus my long runs (during marathon training),  Finish my first ½ marathon in about 20 years...hoping for under 1:40...Complete Boston Marathon in the Spring... continue to crosstrain, drink more water, and complete the Berlin Germany Marathon in September (possibly a new PR?? 3:30:00)!!