The Milers have a new Sunday Run start time & location!

New Sunday Run Location & Time!!

Milers - We have super exciting news! We are merging the Sunday 7 AM Bagel Shop run & the 9 AM Turtles Running Company Run!

The new run will start at 8:00 AM from the Medford Bagel Shop! This will allow both groups to get to know one another better & bring the club full circle!

There will be distance options for all as Val & Laurie have mapped out shorter loops for those that are at the 1 to 5 mile levels.

I want to remind EVERYONE of our Sunday rule.....we ALL stick together for the first 1-2 miles as a Social Run.

Since this will be the first of our merged runs we will have a runner from each group partner with each other for the first mile or so!!

This will be FUN!

Afterwards all are welcome to hang in the bagel shop for coffee, eats & laughter!