The Milers Announce Their 2017 Running Resolutions & Goals!

We challenged the club to tell us their 2017 Running Resolutions & Goals so we can hold their feet to the fire throughout next year!

This is what they had to say!

Joe B - Run a 3:45 marathon as part of the Louisville Ironman in October – BAM!

Jack Mac – Break 19 minutes in the Haddonfield Adrenaline 5K in March!

Terry Herbert - To continue the amazing progress I made in 2016 by running the NJ Marathon on 04/30/17!

Antonia - To run safe leading up to Boston and then Chicago marathons be smart with my training...enjoy the whole process of each race & get over my fear of swimming in open water and do the Birchwood tri (for fun) in July.

Chuck B - Buy running pants by October & I am also shooting for 1:35 at the Love run with a 2 year goal to qualify for Boston.

Rich Lacovara - Run through the winter AND do one race this year...Adrenaline, Scott Coffee, Bridge Run, something. 

Patti Ann – Get to back to running with the group on Sundays by spring after recovery from Achilles injury. Already signed up for IRONMAN 70.3 AC and looking to run a pain free 13.1 miles in 2 hours!!!

Barb - Follow my VDOT pace guide during training this year, including the EZ pace on our EZ run days and hopefully avoid injury this year!!

Karen Kaighn – Run my first marathon!

Rob Cusick - One goal is to keep up with everyone on the speed work.  My primary goal however is to run the full NJ Marathon.

Joe Z - Ironman sub 12 hours.

Laurie Portner - Complete a 1/2 and have the ability to run with the milers for morning workouts by October.

Jo An Slominski - Make it to a speed track workout and complete a ½ marathon.

Bill Niedrach – Train Abs 3x per week or more & get healthy enough to finish a 10 mile (or greater) race.

PJ Marias - Keep up my running schedule with my girls and also add more in with new friends! Broad Street!

Jim Mogan – I’m planning on running / not crawling across the finish line of the Louisville Ironman!

Paula Sallade – My goal is to train injury free for the Chicago Marathon & cross the finish strong!

Erin Janssen – My New Year’s resolutions are to break 1:28 for the half ...keep breaking my 5k time under 19 min and to work hard making it to morning runs...knowing me I hate the cold but more motivation and being competitive I think I can work that out...I just want to get faster!

Kate Harodetsky - My running goals for 2017 are a 30 minute 5k and to run 5 continuous miles!

Jeff Sallade - Break 12 hours in the Louisville Ironman - will probably have to kill it on the swim and bike because my elite running days are over! If I do that I am under 12 hours and I retire from ironman!

Dave Gutwirth - Half Marathon PR - so under 1:27:05....A stretch would be a sub 18:00 5k!

Phil Panus - Train smart, lose some weight and stay healthy for Boston!