Milers pound the sand at the Captain Bill Gallagher 10 Mile in Sea Isle!

The temps were extremely favorable this year & it was amazing to cross the finish along the surf as the sun started to set! There were some blazing times & the crowds were strong! Many in the club placed in their age group! Our Miler support team kept us running hard & the post run food & beverages at the Wrights house were incredible!! Doyle only had one race outfit in his bag but that didn't matter he still showed us how to get it done!

The Milers have a new Sunday Run start time & location!

New Sunday Run Location & Time!!

Milers - We have super exciting news! We are merging the Sunday 7 AM Bagel Shop run & the 9 AM Turtles Running Company Run!

The new run will start at 8:00 AM from the Medford Bagel Shop! This will allow both groups to get to know one another better & bring the club full circle!

There will be distance options for all as Val & Laurie have mapped out shorter loops for those that are at the 1 to 5 mile levels.

I want to remind EVERYONE of our Sunday rule.....we ALL stick together for the first 1-2 miles as a Social Run.

Since this will be the first of our merged runs we will have a runner from each group partner with each other for the first mile or so!!

This will be FUN!

Afterwards all are welcome to hang in the bagel shop for coffee, eats & laughter! 

The Milers Love Coffee and Racing!

It was an exciting day with 100+ Milers & Runners out in full force for the Scott Coffee 8k in Moorestown NJ! The Milers won the Team Challenge & enjoyed the private tent & extra refreshments & snacks! We couldn't be missed with our AWESOME race shirts & Medford Milers written vertically on our calves! Many PR'd & shaved time from previous years! Congrats to all!

Pre-Race Photos:

Action Shots! Check out those Race Faces!

Post Race!

Boston Strong! Milers Strong!

The Milers were extremely well represented for the 2017 Boston Marathon! Both Antonia & Phil dedicated 4 months of their lives to train & breath everything that the Boston Marathon means!

They both got to meet some amazing legends of the sport as you can see in the photos!

Once again the weather was warm & made the race even tougher. We are so proud of their amazing accomplishment! For those who might be wondering yes Antonia re-qualified for Boston in Boston! The girl is a machine! Congrats Phil & Antonia!


2017 Polar Bear Contest - We have a Winner!

Congrats Chuck Bendixen! Miler Polar Bear 2017

At the start of the winter we challenged the Milers to see who could wear shorts the longest into the winter season! The rules were simple.......consistently wear shorts with bare legs & see how long you can hold out! It was a tough battle but little by little the contestants dropped off.

Props to Frank Maneri, John Rosania & Michael Jurick for giving Chuck a run for his money!

The last Polar Bear standing was none other than Chuck Bendixen! He never waivered once & claims that he doesn't own running pants! Even when temps hit single digits with a "feels like" 2 degrees he stayed strong, relentless and persistent. All values of a true Miler!

Milers Crush the Philly Love Half!

We trained for 3+ months in the dark & cold weather but it all paid off on race day! For many it was their first half marathon, others walked away with a PR & some placed first in their age group! The Milers had over 40 runners & of course that gave us a private port-a-potty!

As you can see in the photos not only do we push & give it everything we have......we also have a ton of fun!!

Pre-Love Run Pasta Party!

The Pre-Love Run Pasta Party was amazing! The group got together to carb load for the Philly Love Run as well as celebrate the Milers racing the NJ & Boston Marathon's!

The food was incredible & the camaraderie even better! So great to see everyone outside of their running gear! The Birchwood Lakes Colony Clubhouse was the perfect venue & our stellar Social Director Sean made sure the event was a success! He even had a crackling fire ready for us!

Miler Annual Holiday Party!

Where do I start??!! Chuck B in shorts & sport coat....CLASSIC! The food was amazing! Chris Norman had the smoker out in the snow for those ribs! The buffalo shrimp vanished! Terry's margaritas....amazing! We had so much fun!

Chuck & Lia really know how to host & throw a party! We cannot thank you enough! The basement dance competition was so had to see Sean & Frank dancing!! Make that everyone! Huge thank you to all for putting together such a great party & props to our Social Director Sean for another successful memorable event! Our event photographer Rich was on hand to document the fun!

The gift exchange was the BEST! The steal was even better! Ron B had a hold of the coveted Miler beer glasses like his life depended on it! Joe B? Gotta see the pics!