Milers announce their 2019 running goals & resolutions!!

28 Milers have taken a bold leap & put their running resolutions & goals out for everyone too see! I know this group will be accountable & work hard every day to achieve these amazing feats!


Jack Mac:          

Sign up for races 3 months in advance & always have a race on the calendar.

Add weight training back into my schedule.

Buy funky running pants to compete with Norman!

Perfect my Miler stride imitations & have a face-off with Joe B at the holiday party!

Patti Ann:           

I have a streak going for these 3 races....Birchwood Tri, NJ State Olympic tri, and IRONMAN 70.3.  Already signed up!   My goal is to stay injury free, train smart, get better than I was the year before, and have fun along the way!!  Also running the Scott Coffee 8k, MM Octoberfest 5k, and a 1/2 marathon in the Fall...most likely Philly.  Looking forward to many training days with MM peeps.

Debbie A:            

I am hoping to complete another full year with the milers.  My race related goals will be to “try” for a 22:xx 5K, and a 1:45:xx Half Marathon. 

James B:             

1. Make more Miler runs, especially Sunday's. It's an awesome positive vibe.

2. Run under 9 min/miles for a spring half marathon.

3. For once, keep Jack W, Joe Z and Joe B in my sights on any run.

4. Break 6 hours in Connecticut Half Ironman, and under 10 min miles for the run portion.

5. Complete my first full Ironman (will be my first marathon, just after a really long warm up)

Lampe:                 Run 1,560 miles!!

Brian B:                My 2019 goal is to qualify for Boston!

Paula:                   Qualify for Boston and complete the Olympic distance NJ tri!

Joe B:                   PR in a half Ironman event!

Rich L:                  My resolution is to stay healthy and run at least three times per week for the winter.


My new year's resolutions are to be more positive and confident. Run under 18 for 5k and 1.25 for half..possibly qualify for Boston we will see. Run for myself and not for others. Have more fun at races. Stay injury free.

Fran:                     Complete the Hot Chocolate 15K.  Get out to a few Sunday runs!

Joanna D:            Continue cross training and speed workouts. Complete at least 2 triathlons. More races!


Successfully get to the start line and finish Boston and London Marathon. PR Scott Coffee, and Bridge run and run Philadelphia half marathon (I love the medal so it better be the same as this year!)


1. Crush Boston

2. Run a sub 1:30 half

3. Get more sleep

4. Recruit more members

5. Retain our Odyssey Relay Champs Title while not getting lost or yelling at Jack Mac & Joe B.

6. Find and enjoy a Pliny beer


Work out consistently.  

Enjoy easy slow runs.    

Take the time to make a good breakfast. 

Break 1:30 in the half.

Run NY marathon.

Do a triathlon.


Run a half in 1:35

Make a weekday morning run

Look somewhat presentable in a Sunday morning picture!

Barb E, Karen K, Ruth, Abby Sallade - Run a Spartan race together!

Mogan:                Make it back out to more morning runs! Crush all the races I sign up for next year!

Chuck B:             

January - Begin occasional thoughts of not running.  Keep in mind that running is a bad thing.

February - Make a vision board.  Use the vision board as influence not to run.

March - Create a daily routine including meditation that will center my focus NOT TO RUN!

April - Reach out to family and friends.  Create a support group with frequent communication.  DO NOT RUN!

April 19 - Isolate in a foreign country.  Gather with family and friends.  Surround self with distractions to take mind off RUNNING!

April 24 - Do whatever it takes NOT TO RUN!  Consider alcohol and other methods of distraction.  Family and friends will be crucial this day.

April 25 - Run all I want.  Won't matter!  Married now and she will find me!

Mike Murphy:    

1) Train smarter, stay focused, and avoid injury.

2) Participate with the Milers more:)

3) To keep reminding myself….this is a blast!

4) No more EXCUSES!

5) Oh and.. ..beat Jeff Sallade in the Birchwood tri!

Chris Norman:   

1. Defend the Title at Odyssey Relay in April!

2. Sub 1:26 half marathon would be nice.

3.  Having a Miler declare: Norman was so right about CBD, how could we ever doubt him again?

4.  A Medford Miler party is hosted in Shamong, which is so much fun that a petition is circulated to change the Club name.

5.  At said Miler party in Shamong, Dave Gutwirth drinks beer and runs around the Court in his undies!  Doyle says he’s going to try the chocolate brownie cause he loves chocolate and it’s now legal in New Jersey.  And Milers talk about it for years.

6.  Jack Wright becomes a vegan and breaks 20 minutes in the 5K!

Joe Z:                   

To not check the pace on my Garmin until after the run is finished; run by feel instead, and be truly present during the run!

Karen K:              

Run a marathon in 2019 and in close to 4 hours.

I’m signed up for an Olympic Tri so train for that.

Continue to add biking and swimming into my training.

Fit in strength training consistently.


My goal is to COMPETE in a 2019 triathlon. Not just finish, but race competitively, while staying healthy!


1) Have an injury free year in 2019!

2) Run Caesar Rodney 1/2 Marathon on 3/24/19

3) Recruit 5 new runners to the group

Jo An:

This year I want to do Autumn Lake Triathlon and also take some private swim lessons to get better!

Milers tackle the Cooper Norcross 10K Bridge Run!

We had a great showing at the Bridge run! Many liked the new course and location of the post race festivities...oh and the beer garden! Our men’s team placed 3rd and the women’s team placed 1st! We had many age group winners as well. Chris 2nd AG, Kevin D 3rd AG, Meg 1st AG, Antonia 3rd AG, Bob Ellis 1st AG and Kat 3rd AG. It was so nice to see the camaraderie and everyone cheering each other on! There is nothing better than a team effort! We all conquered the bridge together! We rock!