may 2019

Featured Miler - rich lampe

Member: Rich Lampe

Nickname: The Tree (story available on run)

Number of years as a Miler: 45 years a runner – 18-19 a Miler (fuzzy memory)                       

Who introduced you to the Milers: Maybe Mr. Wright, fuzzy again

Running Pet Peeve: Getting cut off by others while racing

Most embarrassing running moment: Getting dehydrated during R2C

Height: 6’ 5 1/2”

Favorite race distance: 5 miles  

Ideal running temperature: 47 but 72 in summer weather

What do you do for a living: Print Sales & Coach 3 teams

Food weakness:  Tostitos Lime Chips

Favorite movie / TV series: Original Die Hard !                    

Dream vacation spot: Yellowstone Natl Park

Celebrity crush: Nicole Kidman

People say you look like: Paul O’Neill (former Yankee) 

Favorite artist or group: Hillsong        

Dream person to meet: Churchill

Secret hidden talent: Tenor voice

Favorite restaurant: Norma’s

Favorite sport / team: Track & Field / Phils           

Future running goal: Run a 13.1 event