may 2018

Featured Miler - ronnie fagan

Member: Ronnie Fagan

Nickname: Balls, Rondog, Lampshade, Ronnie Bear, Spluitch, Daddy and “Chainsaw Ronnie” ( Joe B’s wife)

Number of years as a Miler: .57 years - there is a decimal

Number of years you know Meg: I stalked her for 5 years before she met me but, 20 years. Do you edit this? P.S. - she will mention that it should say “ you've known” yeah, that's Meg for you.       

Who introduced you to the Milers: My good friend Hulk Juice AKA Megan. I honestly thought she was bringing me as a sacrifice for some weird 5:30 AM cult, but yins turned out to be quite awesome!!

Running Pet Peeve: People that have running pet peeves.    

Most embarrassing running moment: I have 2--#1 freshman-sophomore race XC, the start gun goes off, I get a good squirt the liner of my shorts with foamy fecal matter. Still ran and finished race. #2 finished running the mile senior year spring track, ran a 4:47, as i was stepping off the track I severely sprained my ankle. Told everyone it happened during race.

Favorite race distance: 5K or 1 mile

Ideal running temperature: 40°, thru the woods, raining!!!

What do you do for a living: Mobile welding and garage door/speed door specialist.

Food weakness: Buffalo sauce. Also Fire Ball thanks to Antonia.

Favorite movie / TV series: Lion King / Sifl and Olly. Google it, oldies!! And King of the Hill!

Dream vacation spot: South Africa, more realistic...Knobeles.

Celebrity crush: Janet Reno

People say you look like: Dale Gribble

Favorite artist or group: Dispatch and Dirty Heads.

Dream person to meet: Roger Bannister or Steve Prefontaine

Secret hidden talent: Shhhh, I can be REALLY creepy 😉, and I can sew like a monster.

Number of odd pattern suits you own: 4 and counting. 2 were given to me by my mother!! Thanks Mom.

Favorite restaurant: Iron Hill or PJ’s.

Favorite character to dress up as: Chris Norman   

Favorite sport / team: Sport- snowboarding. Team- Medford Milers

Future running goal: Sub 18:30 5K before 2019 and run the Lehigh Valley marathon to qualify for Boston. Ambitious but why not.

Favorite person in the world, ever: Jack McNamara!!!!! (Insert hug), and kiss, if it's not weird.