May 2017

Featured Miler - jeff sallade


Member: Jeff Sallade

Nickname: Sal

Number of years as a Miler:  7+ 

Who introduced you to the Milers:  I treated a few Milers at my old job but none of them would ever invite me out to run. I figured it was a super exclusive club or everyone in the group was just unfriendly. Finally Rob Herb invited me out to a run and I've been running ever since

Running Pet Peeve: Joe Z sweating on me and having to repeat everything I say to Joe B because he can't hear

Favorite hill incline: Running "The Beast" during the River to Sea – I thought I was crushing it until Gutwirth ran past me like I was standing still

Most embarrassing running moment: Sea Isle 10 miler last summer – I got passed by a girl around mile 7 and heard a spectator say to her "You're first place for under 10 division!" (I have to qualify this by saying I rode 100 miles on my bike to get to the race, but I was so embarrassed I wanted to quit.)

Favorite race distance: I like triathalons more than running races now, so I will say any distance tri is my favorite

Favorite things to yell out loud while running:  "Come on Jeff!!" and “Let’s go!!”

What do you do for a living:  Physical Therapist  

Number of Milers as patients: It would be easier to count the number of Milers that haven't been patients. You all will be patients eventually

Food weakness: Anything with chocolate, especially oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

Favorite movie / TV series: Movie: The Natural; TV series: Shark Tank and Friday Night Lights

Dream vacation spot: Hilton Head with Paula and the kids 

Celebrity crush: No one else but Paula, but if I had to name a celebrity crush it would be Evangeline Lilly (Kate from LOST) or Giada from Food Network

People say you look like: I've had people tell me I look like Dale Earnhardt Jr. 

Favorite artist or group: Zac Brown Band

Secret hidden talent: I'm a beast jigsaw puzzle builder. I've won contests. If anyone thinks they can beat me I will destroy you. Don’t even try!

Favorite restaurant: Zinc Café - I rarely venture out of Medford

Favorite sport / team: I root for all Pittsburgh teams. (I lived there until I was 11)

My favorite sport to play is soccer – definitely not running

Future running goal: Sub 13 hours for Ironman Louisville in October. If I have a really good day I will be under 12 hours. That should be my real goal. Then I am done with the Ironman forever