may 2016

Featured Miler - dan sturtz


Member: Dan Sturtz

Nickname: Sturtz

Number of years as a Miler: 12

Who introduced you to the Milers: Jack Wright

Reason you started running: Because my high school football coach told me that I needed to do a spring activity

Running Pet Peeve: Runners who wear ear buds while they run

Most embarrassing running moment:  Getting lost during a high school cross country race that I was leading in

Favorite energy drink:  Monster

Food weakness:  Dark chocolate

Favorite movie / TV series:  Fishing channel

Dream vacation spot:  Fishing in Alaska

Celebrity crush:  Cecily Tynan

Favorite artist or group:  Depeche Mode

Favorite restaurant:  The Palm

Secret hidden talent:  I am getting better at piano

Favorite Sport / Team:  Phillies

Future running goal:  Break my 3:10 marathon PR