march 2017

Featured Miler - Frank maneri


Member: Frank Maneri

Nickname: Freight Train

Number of years as a Miler: 12             

Who introduced you to the Milers: Joe Zurzolo

Running Pet Peeve: Injuries         

Most embarrassing running moment: Almost disqualifying our R2C team by racing a tractor trailer across Route 9

Favorite race distance: Now, the half marathon

What do you do for a living: Attorney

Favorite length running short: What else? High cuts!

Food weakness: Chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake, chocolate chip cookies. Did I say chocolate?          

Favorite movie / TV series: Chariots of Fire, My Cousin Vinny, Stripes, Date Night, Cinderella Man     

Dream vacation spot: Hawaii

Celebrity crush: Ginger and Mary Ann, Janelle Monae.

People say you look like: Sean Penn     

Favorite artist or group: Bruce, Tom Petty, Mumford and Sons, Grouplove   

Dream person to meet: I met her in law school

Secret hidden talent: Dressing in costume-to the surprise of my entire family              

Favorite restaurant: The Riv       

Favorite sport / team: Notre Dame Football and Basketball

Marathon advice: Hold back in those early miles and plan on how to do it; Run marathon goal pace during training               

Future running goal: Break 1:30 in the half with the new hip