March 2016

Featured Miler - Jack wright

Member:   Jack Wright    

Nickname:    Didn’t have one until Jack Mac showed up! – “Old Jack”, “Fat Jack”  (why does he get to be “New Jack”, “Fast Jack”?)

Number of years as a Miler: 16+ years           

Who introduced you to the Milers: Me....I am one of the original founding members    

Reason you started running: To complete an Ironman Triathlon

Running Pet Peeve: Where do I start!!! - ipods at a race                           

Most embarrassing running moment:  Boston meltdown in front of 30 people that came to cheer me on           

Food weakness: Boston cream donuts           

Favorite movie / TV series: Vision Quest / Survivor            

Dream vacation spot: Kona, Hawaii in October of any year         

Celebrity crush:      Cecily Tynan – I almost beat her in Board Street in the 90’s (I am still holding on to it!)

Favorite artist or group: U2 and whatever Joe B tells me is cool!           

Dream person to meet:    Obama and play a round of golf (yes, I am a Democrat)

Favorite restaurant: Wawa – $4.99 Hoagie feast!              

Secret hidden talent: Baking pies at Thanksgiving with my girls              

Future running goal: Finish Ironman in Oct 2016