june 2019

Featured Miler - silvia andrews

Member: Silvia Andrews

Nickname: Sil Sil

Number of years as a Miler: Close to a year               

Who introduced you to the Milers: I saw them running by my house and searched them on the internet

Running Pet Peeve: Having to pee 10 times before a race right before the start!           

Most embarrassing running moment: I don’t specifically remember anything, but I would think stopping few times on my last half marathon

Favorite race distance: 10 mile or half

Ideal running temperature: 60

What do you do for a living: Food Sales

Food weakness: Any type of bread and cakes!

Most weight you’ve ever bench pressed: 145

Favorite movie / TV series: Beauty and the Beast                  

Dream vacation spot: Italy Amalfi Coast

Celebrity crush: Ryan Reynolds

People say you look like: My oldest sister

Favorite artist or group: Coldplay

Dream person to meet: Ryan Reynolds…hottie

Secret hidden talent: People think my banana bread is good.. I guess that!      

Favorite restaurant: Blue Heaven in Key West           

Favorite sport / team: Eagles!    

Future running goal: Run a marathon