june 2017

Featured Miler - Kate harodetsky


Member: Kate Harodetsky

Nickname: Main Street Kate

Number of years as a Miler: A very productive 6 months                            

Who introduced you to the Milers:  I saw Val’s post on one of the Medford pages

Running Pet Peeve: People who come to a dead stop right in front of you!       

Most embarrassing running moment:   I don’t think I have one… yet

Favorite race distance:  I have only just stepped out of my comfort zone of 5ks and ran my 1st 10 miler at Broad St so I haven’t found a favorite yet

What do you do for a living: Music Teacher and Tech Aide for a company that owns mobile MRI and PET/CT trailers

Food weakness: Chocolate, Cake, Bread, Ice Cream……. I could keep going….   

Favorite movie / TV series: My all-time favorite movie is Annie; it was a big deciding factor when I chose Monmouth! I watch pretty much all the crime shows: Law and Order, Criminal Minds, NCIS, etc.                

Dream vacation spot: I’ve always wanted to drive cross-country

Celebrity crush: Don’t have one… I’m too much of a realist

Favorite artist or group: Bach, Hadyn, Vivaldi, Michael Jackson, the Beatles

Dream person to meet: Michael Strahan

Secret hidden talent: I can play pretty much any instrument handed to me… some better than others   and I am really good at crocheting ducks

Favorite restaurant: Monk’s Café in Philly       

Favorite sport / team: NY Giants                       

Future running goal: To complete a full marathon