february 2018

Featured Miler - fran gaysek

Member: Fran Gaysek

Nickname: New Fran or Frantastic

Number Years as a Miler: 7 months

Who introduced you to the Milers: Erin Janssen

Running Pet Peeve: Cold, Moderate Rain (I have no gear for it)

Most Embarrassing running moment:

Medford Lakes Duathlon 2016 - First time ever running a Duathlon & I was wearing my favorite “No Excuses” shirt. I transitioned off my bike and started the run when I heard a few guys yell “Please date me...”No Excuses”.

Favorite Race Distance: Thinking 5 miles. :)

Ideal Running Temperature: 40 degrees

# of Push-ups on Wednesday run: I can do 10.

What do you do for a living: I work for Burlington County Office in Aging, Aging and Disability Resource Connection. I assess/connect seniors and adults with disabilities to long term care program and services.

Food Weakness: Chocolate and Wawa fountain coke.

Favorite Movie: Point Break

TV Series: Three’s Company

Dream Vacation spot: Looking forward to the day we can  Hike Grand Canyon with the kids.

Celebrity Crush: RIP-Paul Walker ( Fast and Furious)

Favorite Artist: Bon Jovi

Dream Person to Meet: Jim Cantore from the weather channel. I’d like to broadcast a hurricane with him.

Secret Hidden Talent: I can make fluffy homemade chocolate chip cookies

Favorite Restaurant: Season’s 52 and Harvest

Favorite Sport: Baseball/Phillies

Future Running Goal: 2019 Hot Chocolate Run. I’m away this year.