june 2016

Featured Miler - Carol Lange

Member: Carol Lange      

Nickname: Barb

Number of years as a Miler: 4 years. What an awesome experience it has been! I have trained numerous races and 3 marathons with the Medford Milers. The camaraderie and dedication of this group has taken me to a whole new level of running.                       

Who introduced you to the Milers: Maya Hunnewell. Blame her!         

Reason you started running: To get the “baby weight” off.

Running Pet Peeve: When someone asks how many miles did I run after a marathon. Whoa!                             

Most embarrassing running moment: I had a melt down on a running friend after the Boston Marathon.  He just said “it was raw emotion, Carol”.  I am still apologizing to him!

Food weakness: Wine

Favorite movie / TV series:  The Walking Dead                                

Dream vacation spot: Germany

Celebrity crush: It’s Mark Wahlberg. He told me “good luck, babe” before the Boston Marathon. Love that guy!

Favorite artist or group: Luke Bryan and Zac Brown Band

Dream person to meet: Donald Trump

Favorite restaurant: Steve & Cookies in Margate, NJ

Secret hidden talent: I can land a single toe loop on ice skates.

Favorite race distance: Half Marathon       

Future running goal: I want to complete a triathlon.