september 2019

Featured Miler - mike murphy

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Member: Mike Murphy

Nickname: Murph

Number of years as a Miler: 2

Who introduced you to the Milers: John Rosania

Running Pet Peeve: ALLLLL of you passing me on the run portion of a tri!

Most embarrassing running moment: ALLLLL of you passing me on the run portion of a tri!

Favorite race distance: Hopefully 26.2 IMLP July 2020! Until then, 13.1 will do!

Ideal running temperature: 45 fantastic degrees!

Favorite micro brews: Lawson’s Sip of Sunshine is good but nothing beats “II Pins” IPA from Birchwood’s own “Lakeside Brewing”!

What do you do for a living: Cardiac Cath lab nurse. 

Food weakness: I can eat crabs until my fingers bleed!  Oh and LOVE LOVE a good Bratwurst during Fall!

Favorite movie / TV series: “Vision Quest”/ GOT/ Seinfeld( for ever)

Dream vacation spot: Anywhere there are mountains and beers!

Celebrity crush: Kate Beckinsale

People say you look like: I’ve heard a person, or two, mention that I resemble a young Tom Cruise (From “The Outsiders” not risky business.)

Favorite artist or group: Tool, Tom Petty, Twiddle!

Dream person to meet: Kurt Vonnegut

Secret hidden talent: I can play a mean trumpet

Favorite restaurant: It would seem Ott’s in Medford on crab day!

Favorite sport / team: E-A-G-L-E-S        

Future running goal: Be a more efficient runner and have more faith in my abilities.