august 2018

Featured Miler - karen kaighn

Member: Karen Kaighn

Nickname: Karen

Number of years as a Miler: 2 1/2

Who introduced you to the Milers: Patti Ann and Nora

Running Pet Peeve: Inattentive drivers

Most embarrassing running moment: After one of my first Thursday speed work outs, I almost got into the wrong car!! I think it was the lack of oxygen to my brain.

Favorite race distance: 10 miles

Ideal running temperature: 45 degrees

What do you do for a living: Pediatrician

Food weakness: Gelato

Favorite movie / TV series: Stranger Things, The Crown

Dream vacation spot: Hawaii, Costa Rico, Alaska, Zion NP, Spain and Portugal, Italy (again), Iceland. There are so many!

Celebrity crush: Bradley Cooper

People say you look like: In the past, people said Jennifer Aniston but not in a long time. Hmm...

Favorite artist or group: I know this dates me but I love Billy Joel

Dream person to meet: Queen Elizabeth. She became queen at the age of 25!

Secret hidden talent: I can make a good pizza.

Favorite restaurant: Estia

Favorite sport / team: Any team that my children play on. So, right now it is soccer.

Future running goal: I would like to run another marathon, maybe next year. I will really need to work on my fueling for this one and do better with my strength training.

Recent accomplishment: In the past year, I started swimming again, I’ve run longer than I ever thought I could, started biking, ran a marathon and completed a sprint triathlon. I used to think waking at 7 am was early and now I am routinely awake at 5 am to bike or swim or run. The support of the people in this group has been so amazing and motivating. Thank you!!