august 2017

Featured Miler - Mary Flynn

Member: Mary Flynn

Nickname: The only possible nickname that exists for Mary--Mare

Number of years as a Miler: 1 year, I started with the Thursday night runs in the Spring of 2016.

Who introduced you to the Milers: John Rosania.  He first approached me at a mutual friend’s party and kept encouraging me to join.  Despite my objections that I was much too slow and there is no way I could run in the mornings, or without my music.  I'm so glad I decided to show up. I have made so many great and supportive friends and running has become so much more than just running.  

Reason you started running: I hated running when I was young.  I used to cut gym in HS and go to McDonald's for breakfast to avoid the dreaded Mile run.  Originally, I started as a way to get in better shape.  It was the easiest fit into my schedule.  

Running Pet Peeve: Porta potties, I will never accept them.

Most embarrassing running moment: One of my many falls while running through town, I fall a lot.

Favorite Race Distance: Always the shorter distance one while I'm in the middle of a longer run.  

Food weakness: Ice cream

Favorite movie/TV series: My current addiction is trash TV, the bachelor/bachelorette

Dream vacation spot: I would like to go and visit Ireland.

Favorite Artist: I listen to all different kinds of artists, it just depends on my mood at the moment.

People say I look like: Olivia Newton John, well when I was younger. People now tell me I'm like the character Claire in Modern family.

Favorite restaurant: I find most are hit and miss but I do like going to Zinc in Medford.

Favorite sports team: My husband would say whatever team is playing against the Eagles, I'm always cheering for the season to be over!

Secret Hidden Talent: I have an uncanny ability to remember people's birthdays.  

Future running goal: I would love to be able to run a marathon at some point in my life.