april 2019

Featured Miler - paula sallade

Member: Paula Sallade

Nickname: “P”…my soccer coach in college started calling me that and it caught on with most friends and family.

Number of years as a Miler: 6                

Who introduced you to the Milers: Jeff Sallade.  He used to go out running (all the time) with these fit, fun, (crazy) people and I wanted in!  We started getting babysitters so we could both go when Jack was 5 months old.  I ran my first half marathon with the group 3 months later.

Running Pet Peeve: Skipping the morning workout to “sleep in” but tossing and turning for an hour and then looking at the clock at 6:30 thinking “I should’ve gone. I would be done by now!!”          

Most embarrassing running moment: At the Chicago Marathon in 2017.  It was a hot day and I was afraid of dehydration so I took sips of Gatorade at every stop it was offered.  Well, that caught up with me by mile 25.  I pulled a Donovan McNabb in the Super Bowl and puked it all up. Mile 26 was the best I had felt in a while!

Favorite race distance: Half Marathon

Ideal running temperature: 55 degrees, partly sunny and no wind

What do you do for a living: Mom, CPA and accountant for 3DPT

Food weakness: Cookies, chocolate candy

Favorite movie / TV series: Friday Night Lights.  Best show ever!!

Dream vacation spot: Although I love tropical islands with lots of sun and sand, I eventually would love to take a family trip out west to the National Parks

Celebrity crush: Bradley Cooper

People say you look like: Julia Roberts (not sure about that but I’ll take it:)

Favorite artist or group: Justin Timberlake

Dream person to meet: It would be pretty cool to meet Tim Tebow

Secret hidden talent: My family is really musically talented. I like to think I got some of that.  I love to sing.        

Favorite restaurant: Zinc Café and a recent new fave is LaScala’s Fire

Favorite sport / team: Eagles, Sixers, Medford Storm, Medford Blaze and any other sports teams my kids play on.

Future running goal: Boston Marathon