april 2018

Featured Miler - megan soltysik

Member: Megan Soltysik

Nickname: Meg; Hulk Juice; Mama O to my athletes

Number of years as a Miler: One year in June

Number of years you’ve known Ronnie: Twenty?                 

Who introduced you to the Milers: The World Wide Web

Running Pet Peeve: That I train faster than I can race! Long strides next to my short strides, cul-de-sacs, and ugly breathing (which is usually my own . . .)      

Most embarrassing running moment: I may have peed my pants in a 5k back in 2003, but I’m not that embarrassed by it, it was a huge PR.            

Favorite race distance:  Any distance that goes straight downhill—not up.  But I haven’t figured this one out yet. Maybe a 10k.

Ideal running temperature: 50

What do you do for a living: I tell teenagers to stop touching each other. In other words, I teach freshman English and coach track.

Food weakness: Beers. Oh, and anything other than water after a half marathon . . .     

Favorite movie / TV series: The Burbs, Harry Potter, and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation; I was a BIG fan of Murder She Wrote back in the day . . . I have a signed autograph of Angela Lansbury to prove it.   She’s the G.O.A.T.               

Dream vacation spot: I enjoyed the three day hospital stay for each kid, room service . . . pain meds . . . attendants.  Not bad. So maybe a spa at an all-inclusive resort, with a swim up bar. Or just Knoebels, we love Knoebels.

Celebrity crush: I am in love with Tom Hanks—but not like that. I don’t think. I also love Colin Hanks. Okay, this is getting weird . . .

People say you look like: Kirsten Dunst – I think it is just because we both smile without showing teeth and have awkward pointy chins.

Favorite artist or group: PINK

Dream person to meet: Since I’ve already met “my people,” I’ll go with Tom Hanks.

Secret hidden talent: Does going without sleep count? I probably don’t hide that very well though.  Maybe drawing—I can do that sometimes.          

Favorite restaurant: Villa Barone in Collingswood    

Favorite sport / team: Eagles                 

Future running goal: Break that stupid 20 minute mark in the 5k; qualify for Boston; race anything without dying . . .