april 2016

Featured Miler - becky stiles


Member: Becky Stiles      

Nickname: Beck, Becks, Beckster         

Number of years as a Miler: This is my first year as a Miler and I love it! The group is just awesome and so welcoming           

Who introduced you to the Milers: My dad, Bill Stiles       

Reason you started running: To train for my first half marathon and to stay in shape after playing field hockey my whole life

Running Pet Peeve: When I hear the phrase, "get on the endline"                                

Most embarrassing running moment: When I was much younger, you could catch me galloping on the field hockey field because I was so in love with horses!

Food weakness: Ice cream

Favorite movie / TV series: The Parent Trap and Frozen               

Dream vacation spot: Switzerland       

Celebrity crush: Scotty McCreery and Adam Levine

Favorite artist or group: Taylor Swift, Alan Jackson, Chris Tomlin, Beach Boys

Dream person to meet: Idina Menzel

Favorite restaurant: 50s Prime Time Cafe in Disney World                      

Secret hidden talent: I go wakeboarding in the summertime with family and friends

Favorite Sport / Team: Michigan State Spartans   

Future running goal: Finish one minute faster than Jack Wright and Joe Zurzolo in a half marathon